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Water proofingwarranty

Ottawa Foundation Repair Warranty

Ottawa Foundation Repairs will stand behind its own ethic and workmanship and proud to offer  25 years for Exterior Waterproofing and 15 years on Urethane resin injections. All warranties are transferable to the new owner. New owners must register with Ottawa Foundation Repairs within 30 days of possession.


Nature can void the warranty. Fire, earthquake, flood and storm damage generally is not covered by the  Ottawa foundation Repair Warranty.

External Waterproofing Warranty
Our Service Warranties

Ottawa Foundation Repair Warranty, subject to the limitations herein stated, guarantees that all walls waterproofed by way of Exterior Waterproofing will not leak into the basement for a period of 25 years from date of completion . If any leak into the basement should occur during that time in the location that the basement was waterproofed,  Ottawa Foundation Repair will fix the problem free of charge.


This warranty is 100% transferable.

  1. System is warrantied to remedy water problem in area of system install only.
  2. There is no charge for warranty service. Any service calls for problems not related to our system, or caused by conditions outside the limitations of our warranty will be charged out at $95.00 for the first hour or part and $65.00 per hour thereafter.
  3. Any buried cables, conduit, or other pipes underground on the exterior not covered by standard locates are the sole resposibility of the homeowner and are not covered by this warranty.
  4. Defective existing weeping tile system, sewer backups, drain backups, or sump pump failure can lead to entire system failure and any such occurance is not covered by our warranty and is not the responsibility of Ottawa Foundation Repair. Sump pumps and battery back up systems are covered by a separate manufacturer’s warranty which does not include labour for pump service unless extended warranty is purchased from Ottawa Foundation Repair for the same.
  5. Sump pump discharge location is chosen by homeowner and is not the responsibility of Ottawa Foundation Repair.
  6. Warranty service is for repairs to system only and Ottawa Foundation Repair is not responsible for damage to landscaping, finished walls, floor coverings, or contents due to warranty work or flooding.
  7. Ottawa Foundation Repair provides no warranties with respect to mold and/or mildew.
  8. Interior condensation on the interior walls, foundation walls, or basement floor is a separate problem and is not covered under this warranty.
  9. Any damages to the structure, any damages caused to any membranes and/or system, or structural defects in the walls (for example, cracks greater than 1/4″), foundation, or footings which cannot be handled by normal expansion or contraction of membranes not caused by Ottawa Foundation Repair , that result in system failure is not covered by this warranty and repairs to the same, conducted by Ottawa Foundation Repair  will be done at an extra charge as outlined in section 2.
  10. Any procedure in construction used by the homeowner resulting in water entering above grade or otherwise changing the means of water ingress will void this warranty.
  11. Any water entering the basement from above the foundation wall is a separate problem and is not covered by this warranty.
  12. Final grading is the sole responsibility of the homeowner and must be properly sloping away from the structure to allow water to drain away from the structure.
  13. This warranty shall not apply and Ottawa Foundation Repair shall not be responsible if water leakage results from natural disasters, including, but not limited to, lightning, gales, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or extreme unforeseen hydrostatic (high water table) pressure.
  14. At the option of Ottawa Foundation Repair , the defect may be remedied by doing exterior work or interior work, or both;Ottawa Foundation Repair  shall be the sole judge as to the best method to remedy the water leakage. Ottawa Foundation Repair  shall not be held liable for consequential damages. In performing the above work Ottawa Foundation Repair shall not be responsible for the costs of replacing shrubs, trees, grass, and other landscaping, or replacing interior or exterior components of the building or wall which are obstacles to repair (i.e. steps, garage or garage floors, patio or patio floors, porch or porch floors, deck), or replacing interior furnishings or fixtures (i.e. carpeting, furniture, etc.), or removing or replacing other obstacles that affect repair or damage thereto.

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